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The I Copper World Conference Lima 2020, a biennial mega mining event organized by InterMet, is taking place on October 28 - 30, 2020 at Jockey Club in Lima, Peru.

The Copper World Conference 2020 will be the main meeting of representatives of the mining industry, aimed at discussing the factors impacting in the available offer and demand of copper, and its technical challenges for the mining companies and copper projects. The perspectives for the red metal market will be highlighted as an axis of analysis and discussion for joining efforts among participants of the international copper supply chain in Peru. The emblematic location of Peru ranks it in the second place in the list of world producers and the most convenient jurisdictions for mining investment.

The commercial-technical exhibition area will consist of 221 booths of the main mining companies, foundries, strategic service suppliers and the world finance, as well as national and international institutions.

Save the date and exchange your experience and knowledge in the most important Peruvian meeting of Copper Industry in Peru.



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