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Lima respects its past and accomplishes the perfect harmony between tradition and the contemporary architecture. Walking in the streets means enjoying its churches, archeological areas and houses with balconies coupled with modern buildings. In 1991, the Historic Center was declared as a Human and Cultural Heritage and its artistic monuments should be protected.

Lima is also the only South American capital with access to the ocean. Its beaches are perfect for surfers and in the boardwalk, the soft breeze refreshes bike rides and walks. Flying above the Pacific Ocean is also possible with paragliding.

In this city, with lineage founded in 1535, the abundancy of natural products, the fusion of techniques and cultures formed through the ages a mixed gastronomy. Due to the excellent quality and passion of Peruvian cooks, Lima has been referred to as the Gastronomy Capital of Latin America.

Lima, a love of first sight for those who want a lifetime experience.

Location : on the west of the central coast of Peru.

Extension: Lima Metropolitan 2672.3 km².



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